School Spotlight: George Brown College

School Spotlight: George Brown College


School: George Brown College
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Programs offered:


Daniela Luchetta

3rd year, Graphic Design

Why did you choose George Brown?

Choosing George Brown for graphic design was an easy choice for me. I had friends who had attended George Brown for other programs and I knew they had made great connections throughout their time with the school and these connections lead them to networking and eventually jobs in their respective industries. This proved to be the same for the graphic design program. The instructors come from the industry and know how to give you real-world projects and where to direct you when you are ready to enter the work force. Even the location of the School of Design is in the heart of the industry with agencies and firms dotting the streets as you walk to the building.

What are the courses and projects like?

The projects are modelled after real-world design briefs and in the later years, students have the opportunity to collaborate with real clients in Studio Lab. The courses give a good fundamental understanding of what design is and what makes it successful; and learning both in teams and individually shows you how agencies really work. The courses are hands on and students get the chance to design from the start; from idea generation and strategy to implementation and execution.

What is the most memorable part of the school?

The community at George Brown School of Design is fantastic! The connections that you can make at the school, both through school and professionally are great and a useful conduit to getting a job after graduation. The staff and instructors will make good introductions for students and open a lot of doors. The projects that we work on are interesting and you have the freedom to be creative and explore your own style.