Top 10 things students should know - Sara Purves

Top 10 things students should know – Sara Purves

  1. Design is about business
    1. Business has a bottom line, it is always selling
  2. Listen to your client
    1. Read the brief
    2. Ask questions
    3. Take lots of notes
    4. Don’t assume you know
  3. Junior & mid level marketing & PR people are your new BFFs
    1. They actually need you to make themselves look good
  4. Everyone is your competition
    1. Play nice in the sandbox
  5. Always meet your deadlines
    1. Don’t make excuses
  6. Add value
    1. Show your business/client that you care
    2. Help save them money
    3. Doing your best should be your motivation
  7. Get a variety of work experience under your belt before you go it alone
    1. The more you understand all the aspects, the better
  8. Watch what you do online
    1. Keep your website up to date
    2. They do look at your social media – watch what you post
  9. Some clients respect & appreciate design. Some just demand a bigger logo
    1. Some jobs you’ll love, some just pay the rent
    2. Have a personal motivator
  10. Save money for a trip, down payment on a house, etc.
    1. Whether you are looking for a client or employment, don’t forget that so is everyone else
    2. There will always be people wanting your job, so build long term relationships with clients