Design Thinkers 2014 Highlights - Javier Mariscal

Design Thinkers 2014 Highlights – Javier Mariscal

DesignThinkers 2014 was a two day conference full of inspiration, new perspectives and solid advice for young designers about to embark on the journey from sheltered student to working professional in just a few months time. With speakers from all walks of life presenting their own take on what it means to be a “successful” designer, and how to approach design in a way that is not only effective, but brings happiness to yourself (because isn’t that why we’re all doing this? I sure hope so, I could’ve been an accountant by now), the conference was a fantastic learning opportunity.

For me, the most notable speaker was Javier Mariscal, who probably spent much more of his time on stage singing and dancing than he did speaking. His presentation was a great reminder that at the end of the day, designers are visual communicators and our work can often speak for itself, that through expression even in it’s simplest form, we are able to communicate complex emotions and messages. Mariscal’s story of the birth of colour, albeit subject to viewer discretion, was expressive, fantastic and nothing short of hilarious. He showed the audience that while there are many rules to follow throughout the design process, that it is important to create out of passion and love for what we do.

-Melissa Flores