So(cial) Good Student Award Winner - Tammy Kittananthawongs

So(cial) Good Student Award Winner – Tammy Kittananthawongs

Student Award winner Tammy Kittananthawongs from York/Sheridan shares her thoughts and experiences as a recent recipient of the So(ocial) Good Award for her infographic about animal testing.

I am honoured that my project Against Animal Testing was selected as one of the winners for the RGD Social Good Awards 2014. The project is an information graphic that hopes to raise awareness about animal testing in order for consumers to support cruelty-free products. For this project, I chose to focus on raising social awareness on animal cruelty, because it is a very sensitive topic that not many people are aware of. Through this information graphic, I hope that the project can be a gateway to a better understanding of animal cruelty. This design is aiming to communicate a serious issue with a pleasing and a friendly approach to audiences. I chose to use an information graphic to visually present the concern because this method is able to convey real statistics and facts on the issue in an organized manner.

Against Animal Testing is available in print, which is a pamphlet that unfolds into a poster, and is also an interactive alternative on iPad. Through design I was able to express and communicate the issue of animal cruelty. I hope that the audience will help spread the key message and support cruelty-free campaigns and products.

Through the project, I have learned that design is an effective medium to convey meaningful messages through visual and interactive means. I really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the RGD Social Good winners and that the issue can reach a bigger audience. This achievement has inspired me to continue creating communication design for positive social impact.

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Tammy’s work can be viewed inside the SoGood Catalogue 2014

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