Design Thinkers 2014 Highlights - Jessica Walsh

Design Thinkers 2014 Highlights – Jessica Walsh

I had an amazing time at DesignThinkers 2014! Unfortunately I was only able to attend on the Friday, but lucky for me that was the day my favourite designer, Jessica Walsh, was speaking. My morning started out hanging out at the swag table, where I got to meet lots of fellow students and designers who were just as excited as I was. One of the talks that stood out in my head was Andrew Zolty’s. He was so fully of energy and so inspirational. Seeing work that has been built with someones own hands as opposed to with a computer is one of my favourite things about design.
Erik Spiekermann was a hoot, as always, and got the crowd laughing and inspired, but the absolute highlight of my day was Jessica’s talk. She is such an inspiration to me, and learning more about her work and the inspirations and motives behind it was something I loved. She is so real, and someone I look up to. The fact that so much of her work is done with her hands is so inspiring and something I want to do more with my work. I left the conference feeling inspired, excited, and incredibly motivated.
I am beyond thankful for all the hard work that was put into this conference, and that I had the opportunity to see these amazing designers speak!
- Cara O’Donnell