Design Competitions and Real World Projects: Panel Discussion at George Brown College

Design Competitions and Real World Projects: Panel Discussion at George Brown College

The Canada 150 logo contest has been making headlines nationwide, and thanks to the efforts of the RGD and its student members as well as supporters, the #mytimehasvalue protest has also had a big impact. One of the goals of #mytimehasvalue was to spark a discussion about spec work, the value of student work and the intersection of school projects and industry projects.

The protest has been effective and it’s sparked conversation, but for some students, the logo contest left some unanswered questions. Should students work for free or reduced rates to gain exposure? Is it exploitive to ask young designers to work for a reduced rate? What is fair compensation for work done in class? What constitutes spec work in the context of school? Who owns IP and rights to use work when students submit projects for industry consideration? Students are George Brown College wanted answers, so they organized a panel discussion and invited some very influential guest speakers to find out how their work should be used.

On March 19th, a panel of 7 speakers were assembled at the School of Design at George Brown, and together with Luigi Ferrara, Dean for the Center for Arts and Design at George Brown College moderating and with over 70 guests in attendance, the evening unfolded with some fantastic insights on spec work, student work used in industry projects and the value of student work.

The esteemed panel included:

Paul Rowan: Vice President of Inspiration and founding partner of Umbra

Julian Brown RGD: Principle On the Chase! Motion Graphics Studio and Vice President of Ethics RGD Board of Directors

Vince Mancuso: GBC Faculty and Brand Director Barometer Capital

Bob Hambly RGD: Partner Hambly and Woolley and Vice President of Communications RGD Board of Directors

Nicole Dimson RGD: GBC Faculty and Proprietor Artemis Design

Kristina Ljubanovic M. Arch: Designer and Founding Partner Bespoke Cultural Collective

James Waters: GBC Student


Look for a full recap and article to be published by the School of Design at George Brown College’s e-mag IN issue #2, coming in September 2015